District Dinner

February 8, 2023  |  7:00 pm

Bammel Church of Christ
2700 Cypress Creek Parkway
Houston, TX 77068

The District Dinner is an opportunity for a night of fellowship and great food as we acknowledge and thank our adult volunteers for the hard work and dedication that made this year incredibly successful. Iron Horse District’s outstanding leaders at the unit and district levels will also be recognized. All volunteers in Iron Horse District are invited.


The cost of the dinner is $6.50 for the first person and $5 for each additional person to cover awards, supplies, etc. Please bring a dish to contribute to the dinner along with serving utensils. Register online with a credit card or electronic check. Council refund policy.

Register (opens in December)

Award Nominations

Due by February Roundtable

Once a year, at district dinner in February, Iron Horse District recognizes outstanding adult volunteers who help make our district successful. Nominate Scouters who have served Iron Horse District youth above and beyond the call of duty. Paper nominations can be emailed to ironhorseprogram@gmail.com.

Nomination Form


Charter Partner of the Year

The Charter Partner of the Year Award has been presented annually to a community-based organization that charters a BSA unit(s) and demonstrates outstanding or distinctive relationships with its chartered unit(s), district, and community beyond normal expectation. Candidates for the Charter Partner of the Year Award must charter a unit(s) within the Sam Houston Area Council boundaries. Nominees from religious bodies, educational groups, civic/service/fraternal associations, business/industry/labor, and military/veterans’ organizations may be selected for recognition.  

Conductor's Award

The Conductor's Award is for unit Scouters who are always called upon for service when the situation arises. These Scouters are never afraid to take on the task at hand and do not ask for recognition. Candidates for the Conductor's Award may be nominated by anyone in their pack crew, troop, post, or ship. All registered adult Scouter's in the Iron Horse district are eligible.

District Award of Merit District Award of Merit

The District Award of Merit is a council award presented by districts in the same manner that the Silver Beaver is a national award presented by councils. The award is available to Scouters who render service of an outstanding nature at the district level. It is not appropriate to nominate a Scouter who has already received this award. A professional Scouter or other council employees may not receive this award based on employment service. However, a professional Scouter or employee who also serves as a volunteer Scouter may be eligible, based on volunteer service.

Eagle Scout Project of the Year Award

The Eagle Scout Project of the Year Award is presented for the Eagle Scout project, completed in the current year, that is deemed to be the most outstanding of those nominated, based on the need for the service, the leadership provided, the benefit to the recipient, the scope of the project, and lasting impact. Projects considered for the Eagle Scout Project of the Year Award will have met the criteria as specified by BSA, and may be nominated for recognition by any unit-registered adult leader. All projects performed in the Iron Horse district by registered Scouts are eligible for consideration.

Family of the Year Award 

family of the year graphicThe Family of the Year Award is presented to a family who has, as a group, provided outstanding support to the Scouting program in our district. Those families that make Scouting a “family commitment” deserve to be recognized. Candidates for the Family of the Year Award must have one BSA registered adult member. All such families in the Iron Horse District are eligible and may be nominated by any registered adult Scouter.

Golden Spike Award

The Golden Spike Award is for registered Scouters within the district who continually provide initiative, enthusiasm, and exceptional service to the Scouting programs in which they serve. They provide the spark to deliver on the promise of quality Scouting to packs, troops, crews, and the district. Candidates for the Golden Spike Award may be nominated by anyone in the district, pack crew, troop, post, or ship. All registered adult Scouters in the Iron Horse district are eligible.

Gold Star Award

The Gold Star Award is for chartered units that have successfully completed the requirements for Journey to Excellence, participated in council fundraisers, and participated in Iron Horse district events, and projects. These units willingly serve their community and stand as a shining example of what the BSA program has to offer. Candidates for the Gold Star Award will have met the criteria as specified by BSA, and may be nominated for recognition by any unit-registered adult leader. All chartered units in the Iron Horse district are eligible. 

Scout of the Year

The Iron Horse District Scout of the Year Award is for that Scout who has displayed unrivaled Scout spirit in their unit, community, family, church, school, and in Iron Horse District by their support and promotion of the Scouting program. This will be shown through personal conduct (abiding by the Scout Law and Oath or Promise, appropriate to the type of unit), meeting attendance, participation in unit/district/council activities and events, acts of service, performance as a leader, and overall interaction with others.

Whitney Award

The late Doug Whitney exemplified the qualities of BSA leadership by continuously serving the youth in his charge while battling a serious illness. This award has been created in his honor to recognize exceptional leaders who work with youth at the unit level and exhibit the spirit of Scouting. Candidates for the Whitney Award may be nominated by anyone in their pack crew, troop, post, or ship. All registered adult Scouters in the Iron Horse district are eligible.



For questions about awards, contact Lance Campbell.

For questions about the dinner, contact David Bohmann.